Deposit safes network

The solution includes deposit safes and software platform integrated with ERP and banking system.
The operator sees how much money left in each safe, so they can reduce owning cost by ordering encashment only for the fulfilled safes.

  • Business process optimization. There is no need for cashiers to spend time counting money in a counting room. They enter personal ID numbers and put money into a terminal. Afterwards, these funds are automatically transferred to a bank account.
  • Faster purchase. Payment with a large amount of cash always takes a lot of time. Firstly, a client has to check a number of banknotes, then a cashier has to recheck them and give them change. Deposit safe solution checks a number of banknotes and gives change. The entire process takes less than one minute.



High performance and customer service efficiency
24/7 cash acceptance
Reduced human factor
Cost reduction for encashment
On-line monitoring and management


Instant customer service
Real-time cash inventory status
24/7 cash availability
Fast credit in your account
User friendly interface

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