• E-ticket. E-ticket solution unites all kinds of municipal transport into one network with transparent fares & real-time vehicles tracking system.
  • Reduces human factor. Drivers would no longer sell tickets instead of driving.
  • Saves money. Providing a detailed report about fares collected. It shows how many passengers used concessionary fares and what kind of fares people tend to buy. Local authorities can make more effective decisions that are based on this data. They may introduce new types of fares as well as remove ineffective ones. Solution transparency attracts investors.
  • Optimizes transport routes. Vehicle monitoring system shows how long does it take for transport to finish its route and whether it is stuck in traffic jams. Long routes can be replaced with shorter and more profitable ones.



High performance and customer service efficiency
24/7 cash acceptance
Reduced human factor
Cost reduction for encashment
On-line monitoring and management


Instant customer service
Real-time cash inventory status
24/7 cash availability
Fast credit in your account
User friendly interface

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