About us

Intellogate is a company of Karbon Group, a holding specialized in development of alternative energy solutions, unmanned aerial systems, automatic container GFS and payment solutions.

In 2000 Karbon Group invested in production of terminals. It has founded a factory that produced terminals and supplied them to payment systems integrators. Integrators used to install their own software as well as re-sell terminals to customers. In 2012 Karbon Group invested in development of own software platform.

In 2016 the members of the board decided to move this business towards complex solution production. They’ve founded Intellogate as a single provider of complex payment & cash management solutions worldwide.

Karbon Invest founded
Several projects in payment industry
First commercial terminals were produced
Concept of self-service solutions was born
Launch of the first banking solution
Foundation of Intellogate
Intellosuite software platform released
European headquarter opened
  • 10 YEARS


  • 5 000


  • 100


  • 150


  • 25



  • Complex and reliable turnkey solutions
  • International technology partners
  • Customization at all levels
  • In house development
  • Own production
  • Consulting support
  • Advance business
  • Own design capabilities


To make sure that our solutions meet customer needs we participate in every product development stage

Firstly, we create a solution concept that is based on customer requirements.

Secondly, the design bureau creates 3D models of terminals while engineers develop technical specifications of terminals and select required modules. Software team optimizes Intellosuite and integrates it with external systems.

Both terminals and software pass through several stages of testing before a pilot launch. After the pilot, we deploy our solution to the customer.

Stage 1
Development of a design solution

15 working days

Stage 2
Development of a design solution

15 working days

Stage 3
Development of a design solution

15 working days

Stage 4
Development of a design solution

15 working days

Stage 5
Development of a design solution

15 working days

Stage 6
Development of a design solution

15 working days

Request for offer

During the meeting with customer we discuss requirements for a solution. All information is transferred to our analysts.

Elaboration phase

An analyst interviews a client to find out how his business workflow operates as well as details of project application. Client requirements are fixed in a special application form that becomes a basis for the statement of work. After a solution concept is finished we issue a contract signing.

Create a solution concept

Based on a solution concept and technical requirements we design the architecture of the solution.
It is composed both from frontend and backend sections as well as from hardware. Frontend section describes how the solution works with end-users. Backend section shows how the solution interacts with external applications. It also shows how the solution is managed.

Solution development

We write a technical specification for the solutions and confirm it with a client. UI/UX designers create an interface of the terminal’s menu. Software developers tailor Intellosuite to the solution according to the technical assignment. We are able to create terminals from scratch according to the technical specification. When a client wants to brand their solution our design bureau creates several 3D visualizations of the terminals.


Testing is aimed at figuring out whether the software works correctly with the particular hardware and whether all the components are configured properly. Our specialists create a list of testing scenarios both for hardware and software. All terminals are tested according to that list.

Solution delivery

After the pilot phase, we deploy solutions into a production environment. During this stage, we include deploying the solution technology and components, stabilizing the deployment, and transitioning the project to operations and support.
Our approach is based on the best project management discipline. Project control is focused on providing accountability and quality.

Our Team

Frank Mueller

Managing partner

Alexander Makhinich

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Elena Sotnikova

Foreign Trade Manager


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