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Crypto currency exchange machine (BATM) APT-63

Meet our crypto currency exchange machine APT-63 with «DACH» modification. Our crypto ATM works in both ways: cash-in (buy crypto currency) and cash-out (sell crypto currency). Explore the process of buying and selling crypto step by step via BATM (bitcoin automated teller machine). Videocase of process:


It is as easy as topping up your phone and takes only a few minutes. You simply need a wallet address and money to buy bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency). In order to sell crypto you need an active wallet and phone. The main advantage of APT-63 is that operation will be completed in 1-2 minutes while you are standing near crypto ATM. It allows to get cash or crypto currency on your wallet immediately. Such speed of transactions and encashment is achieved due to the Intellosuite software, which is also developed by Intellogate.

Few words about APT-63:

  • Works in two-way mode (buy and sell crypto);
  • Works with any cryptocurrency and any fiat money;
  • All kinds of regular and e-payments;
  • Integrated with any exchange/payment system;
  • Wide range of modifications;
  • Customized design and branding;
  • High anti-vandal resistant body;
  • Simplified service and maintenance;
  • Based on modules from world leading manufactures.


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