Cryptocurrency sale & purchase

Easy to integrate with cryptocurrency exchange.

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Automatic currency exchange

24/7 exchange that updates rates automatically

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Intelligent cash management

Accepts large amount of cash and instantly credits it to the bank account. Equipped with a first class security safe.

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Automatic fare collection system (AFCS)

E-ticket for all kinds of municipal transport. Increases revenue, reduces labor costs and tracks vehicle locations.

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Payment terminal network

Remotely controls terminal network. Notifies on breakdowns and helps to organize encashment.

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Intellogate at exhibition Seamless Middle East 2018.

Who we are

Intellogate creates payment and cash management solutions for retail, municipal transport and fintech applications.

Ready-to-use payment terminals, deposit safes, interactive kiosks, cryptomates, automatic fare collection systems (AFCS) are provided together with Intellosuite platform.

Terminals are assembled at our own factory and optimized for Intellosuite, so you would get a solution that is tailored to your project.

Intellosuite platform remotely runs technical monitoring of a terminal network as well as financial monitoring.





  • 24/7 availability of goods and services
  • Remote terminal management, troubleshooting and statistics gathering
  • Immediate credit of cash payments to the banking account
  • Terminals are equipped with the first class security safes
  • Low maintenance costs and simplified encashment
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  • E-ticket for all kinds of municipal transport
  • Complex solution consisting of ticket vending machine (TVM) network, onboard equipment and Intellosuite software
  • Remote technical monitoring of ticket vending machine network
  • Detailed statistics of collected fares and vehicles tracking
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  • Payment and cash management solution based on terminal network
  • Remote technical and financial monitoring provided by Intellosuite
  • Business process optimization. You always know how much cash left in each terminal and can decide whether to left it or to order encashment
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