Intellogate is a complex end-to-end solution providing remote transaction channels system includes a software suite and smart hardware solutions


We are bringing goods and services as closed as possible to the people, around the clock and 365 days a year advanced systems architecture for self-service ATM network


Intellogate allows vending and service provision at a new level - manage and supervise remotely your entire business


All kind of different payment methods to purchase are possible


Intellosuite -platform for on-line monitoring & management, Business Intelligence & Analytics


The smart interface guides through the process and provides an unique user experience

Intellogate at Seamless Payments Middle East 2018.

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Intellogate — a total range of solutions for away financial transactions.

We offer both ready-made technological solutions (about 150 models of various terminals) and the implementation of individual projects.

The system includes software, as well as elegant hardware solutions for the sale of various tangible and intangible products, such as financial services and utilities, tickets, food and non-food products, fuel and so on.

All elements are designed, manufactured and implemented by Intellogate.


  • Retail automation solutions by fast-tracking of checkout
  • Optimizes cash handling processes through centralized administration
  • Cash management solutions-based on cash recycling solutions
  • «Electronic Cashier» provides money transfer in on-line mode
  • Providing advertising and reference information
  • Point of Sale Cash Automation
  • Vending solution incl. perishable goods
  • Integrated solution for optimization of cash processing
  • All kinds of regular cash and e-payments integrated into banking system processing
  • Physical Security solutions for cash collection
  • Simplified service and maintenance
  • Automatic fare collection system
  • Automated farecard vending and recharging machine by cash and non-cash means
  • Onboard equipment performance monitoring
  • Intelligent cash deposit
  • Data protection and encryption
  • Reporting tools


Cash Deposit Solution

  • Reduce cash acceptance time
  • Cash transfer online to a Bank account
  • Improve the security of deposit money
  • Reduce the risk of receiving non-liquid banknotes

Currency exchange

  • 4/7 cash acceptance
  • Cost reduction for ATM support and maintenance
  • Real-time cash inventory status
  • High performance & customer service efficiency

Cryptocurrency Sale & Purchase

  • Cryptocurrency cash-in/cash-out
  • Secure transactions
  • Integration with bitcoin exchange
  • On-line monitoring & management

Automatic fare collection system (AFCS)

  • One public transport ticket for any kind of transport
  • Flexible payment options and fare policy
  • Route tracking & optimization
  • Monitoring of passenger traffic


  • Complex and reliable turnkey solutions
  • International technology partners
  • Customization at all levels
  • In house development
  • Own production

  • Consulting support

  • Advance business
  • Own design capabilities

Our Team

Eduard Savushkin


Bogdanov Sergey

Commercial Director

Alexander Makhinich


Elena Sotnikova

Manager of foreign economic activity

Maxim Chuprina

Chief Constructor

Andrey Ovchinnikov


Intellogate at Seamless Payments Middle East 2018
05 May, 2018

15-16 April 2018, Dubai, UAE. Intellogate successfully participated in Seamless Payments Middle East 2018 bringing together the converging worlds of payments, e-commerce, retail and fintech. Seamless Payments Middle East 2018 is the largest commerce exhibition and conference in its segment where leading solution providers showcase a wide range of technologies to partners, banks, fintech’s and ecommerce companies.

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